Free Space Optics

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Communication, as it has always been relied and simply depended upon speed. The faster the means !  the more popular, the more effective the communication is !

Presently in the twenty-first century wireless networking is gaining because of speed and ease of deployment and relatively high network robustness. Modern era of optical communication originated with the invention of LASER in 1958 and fabrication of low-loss optical fiber in 1970.

When we hear of optical communications we all think of optical fibers, what I have for u today is AN OPTICAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM WITHOUT FIBERS or in other words WIRE FREE OPTICS.

Free space optics or FSO –Although it only recently and rather suddenly sprang in to public awareness, free space optics is not a new idea. It has roots that 90 back over 30 years-to the era before fiber optic cable became the preferred transport medium for high speed communication. FSO technology  has been revived to offer high band width last mile connectivity for today’s converged network requirements.

Free space optics or FSO, free space photonics or optical wireless, refers to the transmission of modulated visible or infrared beams  through the atmosphere to obtain optical communication. FSO systems can function over distances of several kilometers.

FSO is a line-of-sight technology, which enables optical transmission up to 2.5 Gbps of data, voice and video communications,  allowing optical connectivity without deploying fiber optic cable or  securing spectrum licenses. Free space optics require light, which can be  focused by using either light emitting diodes (LED) or LASERS(light  amplification by stimulated emission of radiation). The use of lasers is a simple concept similar to optical transmissions using fiber-optic cables, the only difference being the medium.

As long as there is a clear line of sight between the source and the destination and enough transmitter power, communication is possible virtually at the speed of light. Because light travels through air faster than it does through glass, so it is fair to classify FSO as optical communications at the speed of light. FSO works on the same basic principle as infrared television remote controls, wireless keyboards or wireless palm devices.

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