Interactive Voice Response System

This  Electronics Engineering Seminar Topic deals with the following:

IVRS is an important development in the field of interactive communication which makes use of the most modern technology available today. IVRS is a unique blend of both the communication field and the software field, incorporating the best features of both these streams of technology. IVRS is an electronic device through which information is available related to any topic about a particular organization with the help of telephone lines anywhere in the world.

IVRS provides a friendly and faster self service alternative to speaking with customer service agents. It finds a large scale use in enquiry systems of railways, banks, universities, tourism, industry etc. It is the easiest and most flexible mode of  interactive communication because pressing a few numbers on the telephone set provides the user with a wide range of information on the topic desired. IVRS reduces the cost of servicing customers.

The IVRS on the whole consists of the user telephone, the telephone connection between the user and the IVRS and the personal computer which stores the data base. The interactive voice response system consists of the following parts.

1. Relay: For switching between the ring detector and the DTMF decoder.
2. Ring detector: To detect the presence of incoming calls.
3. DTMF decoder: To convert the DTMF tones  to 4 bit BCD codes.
4. Micro controller: To accept the BCD calls, process them and transmit them serially to the PC.
5. Level Translator: To provide the interface between PC and micro controller.
6. Personal Computer: To store the data base and to carry out the text to speech conversion.
7. Audio Amplifier: To provide audio amplification to standard output and to act as a buffer between the telephone line and sound card.

The user dials the phone number connected to the IVRS. The call is taken over by the IVRS after a delay of 12 seconds during which the call can be attended by the operator. After 12 seconds if the ring detector output is low, it is ensured that the phone has not been picked up by the operator. The microcontroller then switches the relay to the DTMF and sends a signal via RS 232 to the pc to run the wave file welcoming the user to the IVRS. The user is also informed of the various codes present in the system, which the user dial in order to access the necessary information.

Thirty seconds are given to the user to press the codes, failure of which results in switch back of the relay. The DTMF decoder converts the codes pressed by the user to BCD. It is then pressed to the input pins of the microcontroller and is stored in the microcontroller memory. After these codes have been received, they are transmitted serially to the serial port of the PC via max232 IC. Any hardware failure in transmission falls in the lightning of a LED and the relay is switched back.

The serial port of the PC is continually polled by the software used such as Visual Basics and Microsoft Agent program and the received code words are put in the text box from the input buffer. The received personal identification number (PIN) is compared with the stored data base to determine the result. The corresponding wave file is played by the sound blaster card. It is coupled to the telephone line through the Audio Amplifier, which is connected between the sound blaster and the telephone line to amplify the blaster output, drive the telephone line acts as the buffer for sound blaster.

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