Efficient Implementation Of Cryptographically Useful”Large” Boolean Functions

The art and science of keeping messages secure is cryptography and it is practitioned by cryptographers. Cryptography is used to solve problems. It solves problems involving secrecy, authentication and integrity. We present a low cost hardware architecture consisting of large Boolean functions and stream ciphers for implementing cryptography. The main idea of implementing cryptography using

Analog-Digital Hybrid Modulation

This paper seeks to present ways to eliminate the inherent quantization noise component in digital communications, instead of conventionally making it minimal. It deals with a new concept of signaling called the Signal Code Modulation (SCM) Technique. The primary analog signal is represented by: a sample which is quantized and encoded digitally, and an analog

An ATM with an EYE

This seminar Topic covers the following: There is an urgent need for improving security in banking region. With the advent of ATM though banking became a lot easier it even became a lot vulnerable. The chances of misuse of this much hyped ‘insecure’ baby product (ATM) are manifold due to the exponential growth of ‘intelligent’

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