Robotics Seminar Topic Introduction

This Electronics Engineering Seminar Topic deals with the following:

ROBOT—Mechatronic device consists of Brain (computer) and sensors and   mechanical parts. There are four laws to be followed for Robo implementation Robots predict like Human by applying ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE concept to them.Then they can think like Humans that is they acquire SIXTH SENSE. RISE OF MACHINES that is ROBOT has undergone four types of step by step Generation.Robot is a combination of many systems such as Controller, Mobility, Sensor etc…

The robot Hands are moved using the MATRIX Transformation techniques.Robots have advantage over many fields such as medical, space, agriculture etc…There are some dangerous things may happen by robots when they do dangerous jobs. Robot –The TERMINATOR which can terminate the given job without failure.

Introduction to Robots
“We don’t remember a world without robots. For us, a robot is a robot. Gears and metal; electricity and positrons. Mind and iron! Human-made! If necessary, human destroyed! But we haven’t worked with them, so we don’t know them. They’re a cleaner better breed than we are.”

A robot is a machine that imitates the actions or appearance of an intelligent creature- usually a human & gathers information about its environment (senses) and uses that information (thinks) to follow instructions to do work (acts)

To qualify as a robot, a machine has to be able to do two things:
1) Get information from its surroundings
2) Do something physical–such as move or manipulate objects.

This is the working definition of robots that Robotics exhibit developers used for this exhibit. Today technology is changing at incredible rates making the identification of a robot somewhat difficult. Things that we use everyday incorporate features beyond those of early robots.

Robots are ideal for jobs that require repetitive, precise movements. Human workers need a safe working environment, salaries, breaks, food and sleep. Robots don’t. Human workers get bored doing the same thing over and over,which can lead to fatigue and costly mistakes. Robots don’t get bored.

What are Robots Made Of?
Robots have 3 main components:

  • Brain – usually a computer
  • Actuators and mechanical parts – motors, pistons, grippers, wheels, gears
  • Sensors – vision, sound, temperature, motion, light, touch, etc.

With these three components, robots can interact and affect their environment to become useful.

What Do Robots Do?
Most robots today are used in factories to build products such as cars and electronics. Others are used to explore underwater and even on other planets.

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